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We are a creative agency based in Singapore.


At July

 we specializes in a hands on approach in helping you
shape your brand.


We like striking while the iron is hot because this makes us
flexible enough to adapt to our clients needs. 


From regional precision targeted campaigns to one-off content

to branding, we have the capabilities to provide big agency thinking

without the bureaucracy.

AW Collection


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Cool Mint.

Listerine Regional campaign works done in 2019. 

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Lullaby Update.

New fathers have it pretty tough. Between going to work and taking care of the baby, there's not much time to catch up on sports. We decided to do something about it.

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Anti-Aging .

SkII Global Campaign 2019.

When it gets hot, we are in the thick of it. Our idea development, 

client presentation and production process are direct and hands-on.


We will work closely with you to adjust the vision to  reach its highest creative standard. With different campaigns requiring different approaches, we draw on our experience working on brands across markets locally and around the region.


Our network of production and strategy partners are also hand selected to fit different purposes and budgets where we draw on resources from all over the world to reach our creative objectives..


Our aim is to customize our workstyle and offerings to achieve the best creative result for our clients no matter the ask.

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I Am My Nikkor, Regional Campaign

Following the lens of a photographer,

this project brings you through the beauty of Sri Lanka's landscape.

Screenshot 2021-01-05 at 3.02.14 PM.png


Listerine Regional campaign works done in 2018. 

WhatsApp Image 2020-11-25 at 3.18.20 PM.

William Goh, Co-Founder

I’m Will,  an American writer who started in the creative industry by graduating Art Center College of Design in California with honours and has a 10 year career across Dubai, Shanghai and Singapore.


I’ve worked on major regional accounts like Johnson & Johnson and Lazada coordinated in developing and producing big campaigns with a sharp focus on digital content.


Aaron, Co-Founder

I’m Aaron an Art Director from LA with over 10 years experience in advertising. Having worked across the region, I have been the creative lead on a variety of brands like Qatar Airways, and Fox Sports. 


My expertise are marketing strategy and developing visual concepts that are campaignable across all markets.

Brands we've worked with.



With over 8 years experience in the creative industry after graduating in 2011 with First Class Honours. I have worked across Singapore in agencies like JWT and DDB on major regional and local brands ranging from SK-II to Heineken.


I specialize in marketing strategy, campaign development and design and have brought my distinct visual style

to both my professional and personal projects and constantly aim to raise
the creative bar for our clients.

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